The cheaper way to have your website done is to create it yourself. But wait "I don't write code", that's what you are saying actually. So, don't worry, this job does exist and there are some crazy people who can do this for you, and these crazy people love doing it, I am among these crazy people. Oh yes! I am a software developer and I am crazy.

But before you get in touch with a crazy, note that there are lots of tools that can help you create your website without any skills in coding, like Joomla, WordPress, Wix and many others. If you have time to learn these platforms, you can have your website done quickly, it will only cost you the hosting fee and the domain name - what we can call in a common language: a house and his place.

If you don't have time or some other constraints stop you, the best to do is to get in touch with a web developer. Let me explain how much a website can cost you:


There are some universal processes that can increase the website price.

  1. The type of the website. A simple blog is easier to set up than an e-commerce A small business website has fewer pages than a big company website.

  2. Domain name and hosting It is a question of server and web domain, as I explained, it's like a house and the place.

  3. The basic technology All websites are powered by one to more back-end software. It may be HTML or PHP files, a content management system like Wix or others. According to your choice, the price will vary.

  4. The components Perhaps you will need some plugins, applications or third-party services where some will charge you.

  5. The configurations / design / development The creation of the website is not only about how to get all the puzzle pieces, but you will also have to arrange them well too. Once again you can do this by yourself or hire a developer to do it. If you hire someone, you will have to pay for that.

  6. Maintenance It's not only about the creation of the website, you have to maintain to keep it alive too if not, it will die (laugh), but it is true - technologies are among us and they will never stop getting better. With this quick progress, developers will have to master those skills. So you will have to pay them as well to maintain your website alive.


And now, in term of functionalities, the price can vary so considerably. Let me ask you a simple question, according to you which website from the two followings, is more expensive? A or B?

enter image description here

What if tell you that the first one can cost between 1k and 5k dollars and the other one is totally free on The first website does not expose what have done in the back-end, whereas the second is just a portal to showcase something lives an article, a blog, or something else. I am not saying that the second one doesn't have back-end functionalities.

Don't judge a website with the look, the look is just a drop in the overall work performed


After developing several websites for companies in Haiti and abroad, I did and saw a lot. Here is the thing - is really hard to say how much money can cost a website just by watching the look.

Having experimented different software, programming languages and website building tools, I developed strong positions about:

  • What's worth your money and what is not.
  • On what to focus and what to get away.
  • What matters and what does not

That's why I can tell you that the value of a developer go higher than the website that you want to build. His experiences, his technical skills and his deep knowledge of things can help you.

Why? Just to prevent the customer from paying more money for a service than what it is worth, or to prevent the developer from charging the customer with a low price for service that he will be obligated to develop until the end.


How much a website should cost? I think this is the time to answer this question, the answer might surprise you or you could be disappointed since there is no exact price, it depends on functionalities that you want. Each functionality requires some techniques, algorithm and a lot of time. If you are looking for a pricing board and all the stuff related to website development, you will find many resources on the internet. For you people, who want to have your project built by Haitian developers, here is a useful tool for you in Web development Calculator