Many people have the habit to memorize the passwords that they use. There are some people who write them in a file and upload that file to the cloud, so they can get access to it everywhere. There are some other people who encrypt their passwords themselves or they use software to do that for themselves, like LastPass

In the case, you might not want to let other people or third-party software to have access to your passwords neither upload them in the cloud, I will share with you a technical way that I used to do. I add all my passwords to a file, and then I put it somewhere on my computer. I don't upload it in the cloud. But that way is very limited because sometimes, I don't have access to my laptop or I don't go out with it.

Here is the tip that I am currently using, I think it is very efficient, without saying that it is the best way -- let's test it

The first thing is to have an identical root password for all the platforms that credentials are required to access. After that, you must generate a combination related to something close to you, only you will know it and you will always remember it. Then generate a combination related to the platform being visited. Let me show you within an example.

Imagine, I have the identical root password ayibobo, I concatenate it with a familiar word to me, a word that I am the only person who knows it and it's easy to remember - My favorite Haitian comedian is dezirab, the platform that I am working on is code9haiti, I take the first two characters in the site name which are: co, then I take their position in the alphabet: 3 and 15. So I have the following password: ayibobodezirab315. The last thing to do is to convert each character that has its similarity as special characters: a looks like @, e looks like &, so my password is: @yibobod&zir@b315

Always remember that you don't have a in your password, but @, neither e but &. Any time I visit a platform, I have the first word that I use on all platform which is the root password ayibobo concatenated with the name of my favorite comedian name dezirab. Rember this part should the same on every platform, the part that must be different is the keywords at the end coming from the platform in question, so you will have a different password for each platform. In my case, it is co for code9haiti, then I convert them all ato@, and alleto&`.

Do not use the same as me, use your own, the most important is that you are able to create a complicated password that you can remember.

BONUS: I could have used zero(0) instead of o in the password.